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Breaking news – Eloi González-Esvertit

I will be presenting at the European Current Research on Fluid and Melt Inclusions (ECROFI) Conference [July 2–6 2023 // Reykjavik, Iceland]: Basement- and cover-hosted Giant Quartz Veins: a comparative fluid inclusion appraisal in the Eastern Pyrenees

The Iberian Evaporite Structure Database is Findable, Accesible, Interoperable and Reusable at: https://iesdb.eu

A new GIS-based workflow for inventoring geological structures in interactive databases has been published (Open Access) in Journal of Structural Geology [link]. The case-study output is the Giant Quartz Veins of the Pyrenees Database (GIVEPY), freely available at: https://givepy.info.

New geological maps from the Cap de Creus, La Cerdanya, and Roc de Frausa areas in the Pyrenees have been published (Open Access) in Journal of Maps [link]. The structural geology and formation mechanisms of giant quartz veins cropping out in these areas are discussed.

About me

My work is focused at the intersection of structural geology and petrology, and in how the knowleadge on these fields can be improved through novel techniques. I am also interested in geological data mining and database management for adressing those issues relevant to modern societal needs. My PhD addresses the origin and evolution of the large quartz veins that crop out in the Eastern Pyrenees.

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